At RCQ Construction, sustainability is considered an integral part of our business. Our corporate commitment to sustainability is evident in our philosophy and in practice, as we ensure economic, environmental and social values are recognised and incorporated into design processes, innovations and operations at all levels.


With RCQ Construction having been in operation for over two decades, we have proven our ability to deliver a variety of outstanding projects through both prosperous and challenging global economic climates. Such resilience is a testament to the company’s solid foundation and the determination and skill of our people. Our experience and ongoing desire to continually improve our business ensures each project delivers the optimum economic outcome for all parties involved.


The RCQ Construction team considers operating in an environmentally sustainable manner to be of paramount importance, and one that is subsequently incorporated into all facets of our business. In recent years, we have taken significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint, using innovative green technologies and practices in numerous projects including Chancellors Tavern and Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters Golf Resort & Spa.


At RCQ Construction, we understand our business can only prosper with the support of the local community. We believe we have a moral obligation to contribute to the community in which we operate, thereby helping other people in a meaningful way.

RCQ Construction has engaged in numerous charity projects that provide Queensland communities with the opportunity to thrive. From the construction of a $2 million accommodation facility for Nambour Hospital patients and their families to the building of the Sunshine Coast Hear and Say Centre, our charity projects are consistently designed to meet the needs of users and benefit the community as a whole.