James Cook University Verandah Walk

The JCU Verandah Walk is a unique project for RCQ Construction and is the heart of James Cook University. The new pedestrian and cycle link weaves through regional centres and connects the library with the precinct buildings.

RCQ Construction have completed Stages 1 and 2 with the works creating a series of ‘nodal’ meeting and seating areas encouraging students to collaborate and socialise in open – air landscape settings.

Stage 1 was designed by Wilson Architects as a 420m long covered walkway, deliberately curved to draw attention outwards towards the landscape. Polished Aluminium panels line sections of the soffits to reflect the landscape back out to passersby. Two pavilions extend out from the paths and operate as connected outdoor learning centres with power, fibre optics and wifi.

Stage 2 included an 80m long covered walkway connecting the Library to Science Place with an additional bridge linkage over Wadda Mooli Creek. The Bridge was also deliberately curved and is made up of brass aluminum soffits and timber battens. Powered fibre cable was used due to the long continuous lengths and to connect wifi and power outlets throughout.

RCQ Construction worked closely with the University staff and students as the construction was undertaken in a live environment with safety, access, noise and lack of disruption key considerations.

Winner 2017 Regional Queensland Master Builders Award for Tourism and Leisure Facilities up to $10 Million.

Quick Facts

  • Project Name JCU Verandah Walk
  • Client James Cook University
  • Sector Education
  • Location Townsville
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