University of the Sunshine Coast Veolia Project

This was RCQ’s first Sustainable Energy Project consisting of a tank platform for a 4.5ML water tank, plant room and carp ark structures for solar panel installation.

USC partnered with Veolia to implement a unique microgrid solution being a 2 megawatt solar photovoltaic system across the campus which will charge a 4.5 megalitre thermal energy storage tank. This tank effectively acts as an 8 megawatt battery. Additionally there is an 8.2 megawatt cooling plant and an ultra filtration lake water recovery plant.

This innovative and integrated approach will position USC at the forefront of energy reduction and management, providing leadership in sustainability across the higher education sector and beyond.

Quick Facts

  • Project Name USC Veolia Project
  • Client Veolia Energy Technical Services P/L
  • Sector Sustainable/Environmental
  • Location Sunshine Coast
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